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Creative IT Solutions Avenue Sdn Bhd

24-1,Bangunan Chee Yam Chuan, Lebuh Ayer Keroh , 75450 Melaka.

Tel : +60(6) 2328878 Fax:+60(6)2318878


  1. The management team, headed by ICT Consultant, KT Yeo, comprises well qualified and experienced hands-on managers with substantial business experience in the various areas of business represented. He has over 25 years' of IT and management experience in the Malaysian marketplace. KT Yeo had held various Technical, Managerial and Professional positions at various global multinational corporations; Trade and service ICT related multinational companies before incorporating CTE in 1994.
  2. K T Yeo also is the Managing Director.
  3. The rest of the team comprises of personnel covering Management, Administrations, Accounts, Sales and Technical Support.